Like the artists and poètes maudits of the XIX century, do you have a thirst for powerful sensations ?
Rediscover the legend of the Green Fairy through Absente !

Grande Absente 69°

A legendary ritual using Grande Absente will stir forbidden tastes from within: place a sugar lump in a spoon containing absente, hold over glass and slowly pour over chilled water.
Then watch it become blurred and stained with an unsettling shimmering colour...before you take a drink, inhale the fragrances and tastes of aniseed, mint and spices that compliment the essence of the absinthe plant.

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Absente 55°

Already sweet, Absente 55° can be enjoyed straight over ice, but this fairy will also inspire your cocktails.

Cocktail Recipes
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"Crème d'Absente

Liqueur de crème d'absente at 18° will take you on a gentle discovery of the transgressive world of absinthe.

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Extrême d'Absente

Use its pipette to add a few drops to cocktails, beer, a sugar lump or plain water, Extrême d'absente is a taste enhancer.

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